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Creating Progressive Safety Cultures since 1996

Tecside’s recruitment and contract staffing services include safety consulting to provide safe and healthy work environments through adopting a progressive safety culture. Our safety specialists and managers add value and reduce risk while delivering tangible and impressive results. We are highly knowledgeable in industry-specific areas. We ensure risks are controlled and our partnering businesses are excelling the best at safety standards.

Practical and Robust Procedures Across the Globe

We’re a global partner of choice in the safe provision of recruitment and contract staffing solutions. Across our 25+ years of operations, we have services extending to over 26 countries. Our safety system is based upon practical and robust procedures, which have been certified for both the Australian standard AS/NZS 4801:2001 and the global standard ISO 45001:2018 for Occupational Health & Safety Management.

Safety – It’s in Our DNA

Our commitment to safety is so deeply embedded into our culture, it is one of our core DNA. Through standardising our procedures and strategically investing in developing a progressive safety culture within the company we can do the same for you. Regardless of where our employees and contractors are working, their safety is being managed consistently and effectively, reducing the risk of potential exposure to work-related hazards. Tecside builds strong relationships and adds value to organisations to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all.

Stay Safely Ahead of the Curve

We have an impressive safety record and we’ve done it by being progressive, adaptive and consistently reviewing and revising what we do. Our safety consultant service is committed to embracing new technology that adds to the company’s practical and robust strategic safety aims. We invest in positive change which adds value and reduces risk for all stakeholders.

Ensure Candidates Return Home Safely

Our dedicated safety managers operate within a well-defined internal culture. We regularly visit work sites and assess for risks and hazards using Tecside’s prescribed systems. We do this prior to any workers being assigned to that workplace for the first time, and this process is renewed annually. Tecside Group drive safety education, knowledge and responsibility into our operational teams, to ensure our workers leave their work at the end of the day in the same condition as they arrived in. 

Unique Safety Technology

Our commitment to safety starts by ensuring we provide people that are capable to perform their work safely. To ensure the safe provision of our people, Tecside Group has implemented an in-house Pre-Employment screening system which is designed to assess an applicant’s physical capability and cross references their ability to perform the duties of an appropriate position. This screening system has been developed by Australia’s foremost musculoskeletal practitioners and supports the safety and wellbeing of new applicants by physically matching the right person to the right job. 

The Results Are In

Musculoskeletal injuries account for approximately 60% of all workplace injuries and are a major contributor to lost time, reduced productivity, as well as ever-increasing workers’ compensation premiums. Since the implementation of our Safety Technology, we have been able to achieve a 41.2% overall reduction in musculoskeletal related injuries. With Tecside’s Safety Consultation Solutions, we can help improve employee safety and productivity whilst minimising costs associated with insurance. Use our experience and expertise as part of your risk management process to ensure the abilities of candidates to perform the duties of each job task that’ll reduce on-boarding time and expenses.

Great Customer service and has had a great record of delivery of staff with a Safety first attitude



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