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Sustainable Recruitment Services That Powers the Industry

Stand out from the crowd with our expert power and renewables recruitment services— we’ll get to know your company culture, values and ethics so we can share your story to get the best candidates. Our talent pool has a range of qualifications and skills plus the foresight and innovation that will power the industry. Tecside supports talent management and workforce planning in the power and renewables industry, and we know how to sustain that development so that you can take advantage of it. We recruit in this field-based industry in solar, wind and hydro projects at any scale and assign you a Tecside consultant who’ll be with you from day one to day…whatever you need.

The Strength of Company Culture

Company culture and working environment play key roles in attracting top talent. Look your best locally and internationally to future employees. Our reach is global which means we can give you access to a wider and more diverse group of power and renewables candidates than ever before. We have candidates who are ready to relocate and have experience in project-based assignments across the globe so we can build capacity quickly and efficiently for you. Skyrocket your retention rates with Tecside. Once candidates become your employees, we’ll give you all the insights and advice that we’ve gathered over the years to make sure that you retain them.

Better Today than We Were Yesterday

We grow with the sector and have solid systems in place to constantly revise and adapt. With rapid growth and evolution, you’ll need to tap into the next generation of leaders in power and renewables. Tecside has the network and access to new candidates with strong technical skills coupled and a flare for creativity who’ll grow with you.

Attract, Develop and Retain the Best

We can solve the skills gap and leverage transferable skills especially in engineering, IT and field operations. With our network and experience in the oil, gas and energy sector, our global talent pool is eager to apply their skills and knowledge in new ways. These skills are transferable in power and renewables. We’ll attract, develop and retain people for you, to help you in becoming a global leader in power and renewables.

Across the private and public sectors we’ve filled the following roles:

    • Automation engineers
    • Software developer
    • Data analysts
    • Electricians
    • Green Construction Managers
    • Renewable Energy Consultants
    • Solar Project Managers
    • Wind Farm Site Managers
    • Renewable Energy Sales Representative
    • Wind turbine technicians
    • Mechanical Technicians
    • Solar panel installers
    • Civil engineers
    • Environmental scientists
    • Atmospheric and space scientists
    • Operating engineers
    • Commissioning Manager
    • Installation Manager
    • QC inspectors
    • Port Receiver/ Site Receivers
    • Field Engineers
    • Electrical Technicians
    • Tools Support Technician
    • Service Technician
    • Electrical Operations – HVOA&HVOs
    • Lead Site Receiver
    • Storemen
    • Safety / HSSE
    • Logistics
    • Construction
    • Data Systems
    • Design
    • Engineering
    • Grid Connection
    • HSSE
    • Logistics
    • Project Management/Project Services
    • Quality/Inspection
    • Procurement
    • Power Systems

    Across the project lifecycle:

    • Architecture and design
    • Engineering
    • Environmental
    • Construction
    • Commissioning
    • Installation
    • Maintenance
    • Sustainable farming

    What Our Recruitment Services in Power and Renewables Cover

    Avoid the costs of placing the wrong hire. Our personnel can be supplied through a variety of our flexible solutions including but not limited to;

    • Temporary Labour Hire
    • Permanent Recruitment
    • Project and Bulk Recruitment
    • Temporary to permanent staffing solutions
    • Payroll & Transition Workforce Solutions
    • Timesheet Hourly Margins
    • Apprentices and Trainees

    All our services come standard with;

    • Safety Screening Technology
    • Full account management and on-site coordinators
    • Mobilisations and demobilisation assistance
    • Comprehensive management reports
    • 24/7 support availability
    • Compliance monitoring and quality assurance
    • Market Intelligence
    • Consultancy on requirements
    • Workplace health & safety inductions
    • Drug and alcohol screening*
    • Medical screenings and/or additional pre-employment medical checkups*
    • Occupational testing and training*
    • Skills testing and assessment*
    • State and federal police clearances*
    • Site specific inductions*
    • Our Global employment and mobility services can include;
      • Global immigration and visa services
      • Mobilisation and logistics services
      • Relocation management and support
      • Payroll and taxation services

    *denotes optional process requirement

    "Very Happy with Tecside's support. In particular Kristie Kent has gone above and beyond on several occasions. Kudos to Tecside in providing a far superior service to her competitors. Tecside have demonstrated a commitment to my business and delivered fantastic service and results in Metro and regional areas. Even with deadline and skill set pressure, Tecside continue to deliver a superior service."

    Craig Hartley