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Payrolling Facilities (Transition Your Existing Workforce)

Don’t run your own payroll department? Discover how our flexible payroll service provides both direct and indirect cost savings.

A Solid and Efficient Payroll Process Is Vital

And it’s not just for larger companies. We work with small to large enterprises and offer a payroll outsourcing service that avoids employment liabilities and reduces administration burden. We deliver a flexible payroll service that has direct and indirect cost savings.

We understand the real costs of payroll management

Compliance and accuracy are key when it comes to payroll. Your payroll process must match the software capabilities. When adding employees, it costs money and adding payroll staff costs even more. Government penalties and fines for non-compliance are hidden costs in payroll that Tecside can help alleviate. Make more money by concentrating on your core business and let us take care of the payroll.

Our payroll and invoicing services— everything you need to know

Tecside has a dedicated in-house payroll department based out of our Head Office, which offers weekly processing of timesheets in arrears for the previous Monday-Sunday timesheet period. We’re flexible and want what’s best for you, so our timesheets are as flexible as our pay dates – therefore fortnightly or monthly payroll is also available on request.

We have invested in configurable online timesheets technology to support your business. From multiple jobs, projects, shifts, allowances, mileage, breaks, leave and expenses we will ensure its setup to your satisfaction. Our partnering clients have the power to approve timesheets at one click, conveniently delivered by email for quick and easy bulk approvals if needed.

Our reports module also allows you to access data to assist with the overall management of contractors reporting to you. Our payroll system technology generates: allocated employees reports; budget balance reports and record search reports.

Transition Plans

Tecside Group has proven experience in the implementation and transitioning of workforces that are dynamic, complex and require strong negotiation skills. The objectives of transitioning, and what we believe to be critical issues to your company include three outcomes regarding the implementation and transition of staff to contractor and / or temporary staff as a payrolling service provider.

These are:  

  • to facilitate a sound and supportive implementation process
  • to capture and maintain ‘key critical individuals’
  • to minimise disruption that may result in loss of productivity

It is this combination of commitment from Tecside Group’s Management Team, working in conjunction with your organisation, which will result in achieving successful outcomes for your business.

Timesheet Hourly Margins

Prefer to run your own payroll? We can source your workforce for you to eliminate your recruitment burden. The workforce will go onto your payroll and we can provide an hourly margin rate based on agreed terms.

I believe the service that Tecside provide is absolutely fantastic, the quick response that I receive regarding new employees availability has been nothing but great.