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Video Interview? Ace It with These Three Tips

Nov 22, 2021 | Careers Advice, Employment

Video Interview? Ace It with These Three Tips

Due to the safety risks associated with COVID-19, many people have had to interview during lockdown periods at home for jobs, with the face-to-face video interview becoming an increasingly common practice amongst companies.

Yes, recruiting has gone virtual, and this is likely to continue post-COVID as hiring managers, recruiters and job seekers realise the convenience and time and cost savings of videoconferencing.

Do you have a video job interview coming up? Here are three unique tips to help you ace it.

1. Check the Tech Before You Start

Successful video interviews generally start with interview preparation in the tech department. In other words, check that you have the right equipment and software upfront and ensure that all of it works properly. Nobody wants to deal with delays, lost signals, interruptions, uncomfortable stares, etc. You want the interview to run smoothly.

Equipment-wise, you will need a capable desktop or laptop (charged) with a webcam, headphones and a microphone. A tablet or smartphone can also be used. You will also need an internet connection with bandwidth speed of at least 1 Mbps. Be sure to test your settings. Position the camera to be at eye level and at a fairly close distance.

2. Pick the Right Place to Interview

You want to make the best impression possible during a video interview, so pick a great spot where you will not be disturbed. A traditional office setup is often ideal because it conveys professionalism. But as long as the space is quiet, visibly clean and free from background distractions, it should send a positive message.

Another aspect you will want to focus on is lighting. Good lighting is crucial, as too much or too little of it can get in the way of connecting with your interviewer. If you don’t have professional lighting in the room, then face an outside window. This will cast light on your face. If there’s too much sunlight, though, then adjust the blinds or curtains.

3. Remember Eye Contact

Maintaining a good amount of eye contact during in-person interviews is really important. It expresses confidence, honesty, respect and other fundamental qualities. It communicates interest and generates likeability. The same applies during video interviews, where you will want to connect with the interviewer/s on the same level.

To make that connection, keep your back straight and look directly into your webcam when you speak. This increases the likelihood that your eyes will align with the eyes of the interviewer. You can look back at your screen when they respond. Smile and nod when you are listening, using hand gestures when appropriate.

Now that you have some practical remote interviewing tips, go ahead and smash that video interview!