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The Benefits of Partnering with an Agency

Sep 2, 2017 | Employment

I read a great article recently highlighting the real cost of an employee to a business.  The article emphasised the actual cost to hire. Broken down, there is a lot of outlay with each individual recruit which is often overlooked. These costs include (but are not limited to); taxes and insurances, advertising costs, induction costs, on-boarding costs and can even include the hiring managers time away from core duties. There is much to consider when hiring a candidate.

So what happens if you get the hire wrong? One thing I have learnt in my Recruitment Career is there is a lack of true understanding around the total initial and ongoing cost of a hire. Through tough and prosperous times do we truly understand the importance a business partnership between company and agency?

Below is a list I have compiled of how a true external business partner can provide support and value in today’s market.

Why partner with our consultancy agency for your temp/contract personnel:

1.     Reduce Risk And Liability

The agency takes on all costs and have the ability to reduce internal IR risk, payroll liability, entitlements, redundancy and compliance risk.

2.     Flexible Workforce

Ability to increase or decrease numbers quickly and efficiently without loss of time. For example hiring managers won’t need to take time away from core duties, the absence of lengthy notice periods, fast turnaround of recruitment time-frames are all benefits to utilising this service. After all, time is money.

3.     Ability To Provide A Payrolling Service

Payrolling is a headache, yet paramount to a happy workforce! We allow clients to focus on their core business requirements and better manage cash flow.

4.     Cash Flow

As a trusted business partner we are able to provide support through payrolling contractors to alleviate cash flow issues from outlaying wages and associated weekly costs.

5.     Fixed Term vs Temp Contract

Fixed term contracts come with all the same entitlements as a staff employee. Annual Leave, sick leave and paid Public Holidays. Temp contractors only get paid for the hours they work.  No outlay for downtime, sick days or holidays.

6.     Compliance and Legislation

Tecside Group remain up to date with current legislation and are fully compliant with all government employment regulations and essential insurances in place; Public Liability, Professional Indemnity and Workers Compensation.

7.     Safety Conscientious  

Tecside can provide a trained WHS Management Systems Auditor to  conduct an audit of a client’s safety management system against the AS 4801 safety standard to ensure compliance whilst also providing a possible gap analysis that will assist in the continuous improvement of a client’s safety management system.

Tecside Group are committed to ensuring the safety of all our workers.

8.    QA certified company

Tecside conduct all recruitment activity as per our recruitment policy and rigorous procedures. We obtain and retain copies of all qualifications, licences, competencies and right to work documentation.  All of which are retained within our HR Management system

9.     Locations

Location can be important to our Clients who may have interstate or regional offices, or a desire to work in other locations. Tecside Group currently have 16 offices both Nationally & Internationally.

10.  We are the Specialists

Rather than one person recruiting all roles, you have access to multiple experts recruiting across various specialist verticals.

11.  Right Fit

Tecside Group understand that a consistently high quality range of candidates is of the utmost importance. Selecting a candidate who has the appropriate skill set as well as the right attitude ensures the making of a good employee and team member.

12.  Quality Account Management

We can take on the performance review of contractors on a quarterly basis on behalf of the Client.

13.  Flexible

Able to customize our processes to suit the client. Short listing, references checking, interviewing can all be unbundled to suit your requirements.

14.  Seize the opportunity

Ability to “ramp up” business quickly and efficiently without the need for extra internal staff.

– Written by Corey Phipps, Perth Business Manager