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Tecside Group – Safety is in Our DNA

Mar 5, 2020 | Safety & Wellbeing

Choosing A Safety Conscious Agency

At Tecside Group, we take safety seriously. Safety is at the forefront of our organisational culture, and forms one of our four core DNA. As one of the first Australian job agencies to achieve the new certification for international safety management standards ISO 45001, along with Australian standards AS/NZS 4801, you can be assured Tecside Group proudly remain at the forefront of the industry.

It’s fair to say that workplace safety is a fundamental job consideration for prospective job seekers. After all, why would anyone want to work in a company where workplace accidents or health hazards are commonplace, regardless of how substantial or attractive the offer is?

About Safety Certifications

Safety certifications help organisations to improve employee safety, reduce workplace risks and create better, safer working conditions, all over the world. Upholding certifications requires commitment to continuous regulation and accountability towards high safety standards. By achieving the standards the organisation is subject to participate in rigorous audits by an accredited third party, in Australia these regulatory bodies must be registered with JAS-ANZ (www.JAS-ANZ.org).

Tecside Group are proud to have held its certifications and have a dedicated Safety & Wellbeing Manager (Anthony O’Donnell) appointed within our organisation. In January 2020 we participated in our annual third party audit for both AS/NZS 4801 & ISO 45001 accreditations and are proud to once again announce we have demonstrated our upheld commitment to safety best practice management.

Benefits to our Partnering Clients

It has oft been said that one must lead by example – and this is what we’ve been doing all these years in terms of demonstrating our keen sense of responsibility, reliability and commitment to employee welfare and safety consultation for our Clients.

Being health and safety-compliant is one of the best ways we can exemplify our commitment to quality service for our partnering Clients, all of whom are looking to partner with a trustworthy and dependable service to represent their establishment. Through the years, our dedication to upholding high standards of workplace health and safety has helped us successfully ensure the success of our partnering clients – Our success, is also your success.

Benefits to our Candidates and Contractors

We prefaced this post saying that job seekers prioritise workplace safety in the company whose offer they are considering. The same can be said for our contractors who offer their knowledge, skills, experience and expertise in exchange for viable contract terms – including the assurance of working in an establishment where employee health and safety are paramount.

Tecside Group only align with partnering Clients whose safety culture is in synergy with our own. Our Talent team are regularly attending our partnering Clients sites to participate and facilitate Toolbox talks, safety initiatives and run events throughout the year to target awareness of workplace safety. We also undertake annual safety assessments at our partnering client sites to ensure best practices are in place regarding workplace safety.

Our Commitment Continues

Rest assured that currently and in the years to come, Tecside Group will continue to adhere to a rigorous health and safety management system. We look forward to continuing our partnerships with our valued stakeholders, while also respecting the rights and ensuring the welfare of our most valuable resource: our human capital.