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Put an end to the job hunt blues

Jul 21, 2023 | Employment, Safety & Wellbeing, Work

From woeful to winning: Putting the fun back into your job hunting days

Whenever someone mentions they’re looking for a new job, most of us cringe at the thought.

We’re not about to tell you that you can transform the job-hunting game into something you passionately desire to do each day, but we can help you bring more fun to your days while you’re looking.

The freebie grab

If you’re stretched for cash, there are plenty of free courses you can take to keep your mind active and focused on enjoyable things. You can always opt to upskill and add those ones to your resume. But don’t neglect pursuing short courses or workshops for pure fun.

Finding work is hard work, so take time to nurture your interests outside of the job hunt. Consider adding the fun pursuits to your resume, as it demonstrates personal interests and helps recruiters determine your cultural fit for future employers.

Big treats for small wins

It’s easy to get caught up in nose-to-the-ground job hunting, but it’s important to acknowledge the (seemingly) small wins too.

Getting a single interview is a big deal, so treat yourself! Likewise, it really takes something to put yourself out there when you go to a networking event. If you make a promising new connection, it’s likely laden with opportunity and this is totally celebration worthy.

Or you might like to set goals to submit a defined number of resumes in a day or week, and if you achieve that, reel those rewards in.

Open your mind to fresh, new possibilities

Sometimes, you might become hyper-focused on what you’ve already done, what you like, and know you’re good at. But have you ever stumbled across a job ad in a new field, felt inspired by it, then didn’t apply because you thought your credentials weren’t adequate?

Employers will usually advertise for the ‘unicorn’ when they write job ads, but rarely do they find them. Often they’ll hire you if you tick a certain number of boxes and they see you’re a cultural fit.

So go on, apply for the one you don’t think you’ll get. The process itself is emboldening, and once you’ve applied, you can always use that as an avenue to call the company and speak to the hiring manager in person. You just never know where that one bold act might lead you.

Routine = empowerment

If you’ve recently left a job and haven’t had time off for a while, it’s important to give your mind and body a rest from your usual routine (if you can afford to). But it’s also important not to let it go to the point where you become reactive and impulsive to whatever your job-hunting days bring.

Creating a simple routine and sticking to it can work wonders to empower you through this phase of your life.

  • Schedule interviews and resume writing tasks at times where you know you’re firing on all cylinders
  • Choose the time of day you’re most motivated for exercising and stick to it
  • Get consistent with your basic nutritional needs, then allow a little wiggle room for treats (rather than the other way round)
  • Schedule job-hunting activities for certain days and time slots where you know your energy reserves are higher
  • Stay in regular touch with family and friends, even though you may not feel like it at times (the presence of loved ones will soon lift you out of a slump)
  • Sleep and rise at a similar time each day to keep your circadian rhythms in good shape

There are huge benefits to working with your natural biorhythms, not against. When we think of routine, we might think boring, but really it’s a tool we can use to harness our own inner resources so we’re being our best.

Outsource the crappy bits

If you’re already working and looking at the same time, it’s a lot to be singling out job ads and tailoring each application. Even if you’re not working, wouldn’t you prefer someone to be doing the groundwork for you?

Set up introductions with a range of recruiters. The good ones will take time to listen and match you with the best employer for your needs and aspirations. Once you’ve met with a few, you’ll know who the right ones are in an instant.

Apart from taking a chunk of time off your shoulders, skilled recruiters are highly trained in matching people to employers and roles, and possibly even better at finding the best fit for you than if you’re going it solo.

The rejuvenating properties of ‘earthing’

Nature is always at our doorstep — and beneath our feet. It’s also free! If you’ve not heard of earthing before, it’s one of the easiest, most energising things you can do.

The earth has a natural electric charge that, on contact with the body via bare feet, works to harmonise with our own energies. It can improve sleep, induce a more relaxed state, and improve overall wellbeing.

Be it the beach, a grassy park, or a nature hike, spend at least some of that time immersing your bare feet in the earth. You’ll feel a positive shift instantly. If you’re keen to learn more about it, The Earthing Movie is a great watch.

Sing loudly in the car on the way to an interview

Before you balk at the idea, have you ever tried it? Because apart from shifting the focus from inside your head to the song you’re singing, it’s surprisingly beneficial in other ways.

When you bellow out a tune you love, you:

  • Are completely in the moment without concern for the past or future
  • Unleash any pent-up stress or repetitive thinking that might hinder your performance
  • Revisit the good times associated with the tune you’re singing to
  • Increase oxygen to the brain and body, releasing feelgood endorphins
  • Shift your inner state from nervy to brave

So let it all out — windows up or windows down is entirely up to you.

Whichever way you approach job searching, be sure to look after yourself along the way. Your wellbeing is so important during this time, because when you’re in a happy, open state of mind, you’re more likely to attract and find the job you want.

And keep going! You can do it. 🙌🏽