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Importance of Growing Yourself as a Professional on LinkedIn

Aug 10, 2022 | Careers Advice, Employment, Work

Although some people treat the creation of their LinkedIn profile as an afterthought, it’s actually an important aspect of personal branding and a crucial professional networking tool. So, if you’re one of those who have partially completed, poorly written profiles with copied and pasted portions of your résumé, then you’re doing yourself and the platform a huge disservice.

Remember, LinkedIn is not just another social media site like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. More importantly, it’s a networking site where you can build and promote your personal (or business) brand, grow your circle of professional contacts and business associates, and even find your dream job. Knowing this, it’s crucial for you to put in more effort to create a complete, updated, and standout profile that’s sure to garner the attention you want. Still not convinced?

Below are 4 reasons why you need to have a strong professional presence on LinkedIn:

1. HR managers and recruiters search for candidates on LinkedIn.

It’s no secret that recruiters and hiring managers use LinkedIn to find suitable candidates. So, if your profile is up for viewing and it’s impeccably put together and updated, you will likely find a job more quickly. Therefore, you need a well-maintained and active LinkedIn profile to improve your chances of being found by companies looking to hire individuals based on their abilities and expertise. In other words, rather than you actively searching for job vacancies and contacting each firm, potential employers will get in touch with you if they believe you’ll be a good fit for their business.

2. Your profile builds trust and credibility.

When you have a well-written LinkedIn profile, you’re not just boosting your credibility — you’re also positioning yourself as a real, reliable candidate for employment. After all, a LinkedIn profile does not only showcase your educational background and work experience; it’s also a platform for amplifying your achievements. So when a recruiter reaches out to you, it’s because they’ve had a look at your profile and see you as a possible good fit for whatever post they need to fill. Your LinkedIn profile serves as a validator, showing you are a real person and not just someone with a seemingly impressive CV or résumé.

3. You’ll be updated with relevant job openings.

On LinkedIn, you have the option to follow companies you’re interested in, so when they post a vacancy, you’ll be one of the first to know. You can also make your profile viewable for recruiters (if you want to change jobs) or sign up for job notifications to broaden your career opportunities.

4. It’s a great place to grow your network.

We said it before and we’ll say it again: LinkedIn is an excellent professional networking platform. You can follow industry thought leaders, add interesting people you meet in workshops, seminars and conventions, expand your network through common connections, and so on. These connections can become sources of referrals and career opportunities in the future.

Now, are you ready to update your LinkedIn profile?

Start today and join groups, publish posts and participate in discussions.

Soon, you’ll find yourself growing in a career you’re really passionate about.

Bonus tips: Click on this link to access a very short infograph about how to get started on Linkedin & what to post – Master LinkedIn!

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