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Components of an Inclusive Work Environment

Mar 22, 2022 | Work

An inclusive work environment is viewed by many enterprises as a critical aspect of improving workplace performance. It’s no longer about hiring a homogeneous set of people, and about welcoming different people from different backgrounds and experiences, creating an environment where fresh views and ways of working are welcomed. Today’s employees value workplaces that value them, hence if a workplace is unwelcoming of their thoughts, their opinions and their experience, it is easy to lose them. So, what are some of the components of a diverse and inclusive work environment?

1. Internal Diversity Training

Companies don’t have to spend an excessive amount of money on an outside diversity training firm. There are plenty of companies that do their own internal diversity training. This can be done by making sure that the workforce is aware of the importance of diversity and inclusivity by showing how everyone’s contributions are highly valued and appreciated.

2. Collaborative Efforts

Creating project teams helps to promote cooperation and acceptance amongst employees and is a great way to build an inclusive workforce. It demonstrates the company’s willingness to get people with varying opinions to work together while also helping to foster a team environment. It’s a great way to bring employees with different views and opinions together.

3. Creating a Sense of Belonging

Employees will go above and beyond what’s required when they feel their contributions are valued. It’s about creating an environment where everybody’s voice can be heard. Creating a sense of belonging means your employees are personally invested in the company’s success. When management constantly engages employees, it improves communication and helps put employees at ease.

4. Promoting Personal and Professional Improvement

An environment that promotes personal and professional improvement shows that your company cares about the future of its employees. Providing access to training and development for all employees demonstrates that your company is willing to invest time and money in the growth of their careers. A highly-trained workforce helps the company and the employees by continually raising the bar on everyone’s performance.

5. Valuing Contributions

It’s not enough just to say thank you. It’s not enough just to mention that someone has done a good job. The best companies understand that valuing the contributions of employees means making sure everybody is made aware of their accomplishments. Demonstrating appreciation for an employee that has gone beyond expectations helps companies build stronger relationships with their workforce.

At Tecside, we value all our employees, their backgrounds and their experience. We not only aim to promote diversity within ourselves but also our candidates that work in different sectors in different industries, which helps to foster an environment where every employee has a say. We believe that creating an inclusive work environment is critical to a company’s success and helps them build a supportive relationship between them and their employees.

Who are we and what do we do?

Tecside are the partner of choice for Contract Staffing and Recruitment Services within the Oil, Gas & Energy, Mining & Resources, Rail & Infrastructure, Power & Renewables, Maritime & Defence, Industrial & Construction and Manufacturing industries. Our Client Portfolio is diverse, and we hold strong partnerships with many organisations of varying sizes globally. At our core we are driven by the four DNA pillars of safety, communication, accountability, and transparency.

As a proud RAP endorsed organisation, Tecside are committed to achieving a diverse & inclusive workforce and strongly encourages applications from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and people from culturally diverse backgrounds. More on our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan at https://www.tecside.com.au/.

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