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These Australian Industries Are Slated For Growth — Are You Ready?

Oct 21, 2021 | Careers Advice, Employment, Market Insights

These Australian Industries Are Slated for Growth — Are You Ready?

Despite the number of companies affected by the events of 2020, many Australian industries are seeing a return to something resembling normalcy in the world of business. Some businesses aren’t just surviving, they’re thriving. Here are four industries where experts expect to see massive industry growth of in the coming years.

Fastest industry growth in Australia


The Australian healthcare industry has never been more profitable, thanks to our growing and ageing population. As of 2020, the healthcare industry employed roughly 1.7 million people — a number projected to reach over 2 million in the next five years.

The healthcare industry not only opens up more job opportunities for caregivers, medical professionals and other practitioners but also impacts the success of additional industries. As the healthcare industry expands, it creates further jobs for Australian industries such as; construction, maintenance, manufacturing and technology.

Construction and Engineering

With an increasing population comes the need for additional buildings and infrastructure. As a result, construction and engineering businesses have never been more in demand. As individuals, communities and governments invest more in building and maintenance, job opportunities are opening up for skilled engineers and construction teams.

The construction industry currently contributes approximately 9% of Australia’s GDP and employs over 1 million people. The industry is expected to grow by nearly 7% in the next five years.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy, while a relatively small aspect of the overall energy industry, has seen a wild increase in demand over the past decade for solar, wind and hydro-powered energy. As more and more businesses, individuals and governments seek to reduce their carbon footprint, renewable energy has become a power to be reckoned with.

As of 2019, the renewable energy industry employed roughly 25,000 people, a number that is expected to more than double by 2035 as demand increases and technology advances.

Professional/Scientific/Technical Services

The demand for qualified, educated professionals has never been higher; as a result, fields such as computer system design, legal services, architecture and more are seeing significant industry growth. The professional, scientific and technical industry currently employs approximately 1 million people and is slated to expand by 11% over the next five years.

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Along with the four industries mentioned above, you can also expect to see moderate growth in the technology, accommodation and education sectors. But what does all this growth mean?

For job seekers, it’s an opportunity to find work in their chosen industry. For companies, it means an increased need for quality employees. Growing industries require a great team, and Tecside is here to help employers and potential employees find their best match. Reach out to us today to learn more about our recruitment agency services and how we can help you.

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