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5 Ways to Boost Creativity at Your Workplace

Apr 19, 2022 | Careers Advice

Creativity isn’t only a fun trait, but it can also be a rewarding skill in your workplace if utilised correctly. Creativity can promote innovation and critical thinking, which can boost employee satisfaction and productivity. There are several things you can do to foster creativity in your workplace, and we’ll break down five significant ways for you below.

1. Change the Attitude Towards Failure

Team morale can drop if something doesn’t work out and fails. So, you want to focus on changing everyone’s attitude towards failure. Instead of saying you failed and leaving it at that, encourage your team to share the things they learned during this process or skills they had to bring in and improve when you assigned them the project. Focus on what everyone learned instead of the result and this could help them be more creative at work.

2. Have Brainstorming Sessions

It can be extremely easy to get stuck in a rut on a project, especially if it’s a long-term one. Start regular brainstorming sessions where other employees or team members can look at the project with a fresh set of eyes. Creativity at workplace develops as different people come along to create novel ways of looking at things, so, encourage everyone to toss in ideas to help push them along, give input, and help work through the project to see it to completion.

3. Set Up a Critical Thinking Space

Consider the design of the space, light sources, and colour scheme. Colours can impact how the energy level in the area flows. For example, in rooms with shades of green or pastel blues on the walls, people usually feel much more energised than in rooms with grey colouring. Lighting also plays a significant role, so ensure there is adequate lighting to make it easier to concentrate. Consider adding natural light sources to help counter the more harsh fluorescent lighting usually found in most office spaces. See this article for more information on colours to boost your mood!

4. Reward Creativity

Creativity happens when you create an atmosphere that allows it. So when you see it, acknowledge and reward it. For example, some workplaces will reward employees who share new, out-of-the-box ideas. Other companies have a bonus system for employees who take concepts and run them to fruition. Rewarding creativity will give it value.

5. Offer Ongoing Training

Whenever you’re able to, offer training for your employees. This can help ensure that each employee knows what they need to do to succeed and what management expects. When you train them, explain how their skills, ideas, and intelligence are valuable to the company. When your employees know that you value them, they feel a more significant connection to the company. In turn, they’ll work harder and try to be more creative in their approach.

Don’t let your office fall into a rut due to repetitive tasks and no creativity. Instead, take these five tips and turn your workplace into an exciting and engaging space for your employees to collaborate, brainstorm, and complete their projects while also boosting creativity and fulfilment.

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