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2020: New Year Opportunities

Feb 1, 2020 | Careers Advice

2020: New Year, New You

With each new year comes New Year’s resolutions, from losing weight to saying goodbye to cigarettes and more.

People often use this as a time to find the motivation to become a “new them” – hence the saying, “new year, new you.”

One resolution that might not be as commonly at the top of the list is to find a new job. If you are currently unhappy with where you are, seeking something bigger and better, or just ready for a change, the new year is a great time to consider making the switch to a new work opportunity.

No, we aren’t saying this because companies have made a resolution to hire more new people; there are actually aspects about the new year in the professional world that might just play in favour of the applicant.

Businesses are looking to ramp up their team to meet their resolutions.

Just like you, businesses have set new resolutions, or goals rather, for the new year. They might be looking to work their way into a new market, build a new team, or find ways to be more creative in what they are already doing.

What does all this mean? They are ready to add new talent to take on these tasks – then in comes you.

Money, money, money

Toward the end of the year, most companies are focused on being fiscally responsible – and budget cuts are a hot topic. But once the new year rolls in, so does a new budget, and they are ready to spend it on new employees.

It is peak training time for most companies.

Most businesses are emerging out of their busiest times of the year, where production is their only concern. The first months of the new year are slow in most industries, so their focus is on likely on training.

You can use the holiday to update your resume.

Maybe you have some spare time in your days off work for the holiday, or maybe you are looking for the perfect excuse to get out of that family adventure you just can’t stand – use the extra time to get ready to impress.

Updating your resume shouldn’t take too long if you already have a solid base. All it takes is a clear mind, a quiet space and having a few goals in mind, so you have a clear direction for your updates.

The Outtake

As the year has just commenced, get one step ahead of the game and start thinking about how you can make moves that will benefit you both personally and professionally in the new year.

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