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4 Tips To Get Ahead In Your career

Jul 26, 2022 | Careers Advice, Employment, Work

After graduating from university, you were fortunate enough to land your first proper job.

You felt great, thrilled and eager to start. That was five years ago.

You’ve always been a go-getter, eager to learn new things and volunteer. But what happened?

Now, you’re determined to move forward and up, yet are unsure about your next move.

No worries. Just read through these straightforward yet practical career-building tips to get ahead in your career—whether you’re just starting out in the real world or seeking some direction through a professional rut.

1. Talk to someone living your dream job.

There’s nothing like insider info to move you into action, so talk to someone who already has the profession you want. Ask about the role responsibilities, skills, educational background and experience required for the job.

Check if you can shadow them or spend a day working in their place of employment. Enroll in a program, webinar or certification course that’ll help you advance toward the role you want. Then, whether you’re applying for a new job or a promotion, make sure the person in charge of hiring is aware of the efforts you’ve made to qualify.

2. Work on building your personal brand.

No matter what stage you are in your career, it’s never too early to build your personal brand. But first, ask yourself: what do you want to be known for?

After all, your personal brand has a lot to do with your reputation or what people associate you with. For example, at work, people may know you as someone who’s always ready to volunteer for projects—including ones with no takers. Like it or not, your image or reputation at work is part of your personal brand, so you need to be consistent.

You can also use social media to leverage your brand. For example, you’ve worked at an events company as an assistant for a couple of years and you’d like to become a coordinator or planner. Why not talk about it with your professional network on LinkedIn or create a Facebook or Instagram page showcasing the work you’ve done helping friends and family organise their events?

3. Keep networking.

Even when you’re not looking for a new job, you should always be networking.

Your network of contacts can mentor you or connect you with new vendor contracts whilst you’re still in your existing position. There are many types of folks you ought to network with. These include your co-workers in your team and other departments in your company, as well as other professionals you know. You can keep expanding your professional network on LinkedIn as well.

4. Speak with HR.

Sometimes, all you need is to communicate your concerns with human resources to get the ball rolling.

Besides your boss, HR is the next best resource for advice regarding promotion. Ask about what career advancement opportunities are available to you and what you can do to qualify. Take their counsel to heart and do your part in climbing the corporate ladder.

Succeed in your career

If you’re determined to get ahead and advance in your career, there are many ways to get things moving along.

Start with the tips shared here and, for sure, your hard work will pay off.


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